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Tricia and Ferrona The Evil Queen Fairy


By Ellis Peterson (AKA Ragnar Storyteller)

Tricia was awakened by the tap-tap-tapping on her window pane. She got out of the bed and went to the window. Much to her surprise, there on the outside window sill, was a little elf. He was tapping on the window with the blade of his knife. He was all dressed in green and wore a little cocked hat. She opened the window and leaned down so that he could talk into her ear, the way that she had down with Rosetta the rose fairy.

He told her that Rosetta was in trouble. He had been sent by the Golden Queen Fairy and the Council of Elders to come and ask her if she would please come to Fairyland and help.

Tricia looked at the clock on the night table. It was 2:00 AM. She smiled and agreed heartily, for she knew there was plenty of time to go and help Rosetta, and get back before the alarm rang for school.

“What must I do? She asked.

The elf motioned for her to come outside. Bare footed and still in her nightgown, Tricia climbed through the window. She followed the elf to the middle of the garden where he motioned for her to stand still.

Then, from a little green pouch that hung at his waist, he took out a handful of magic powder, flew to the top of her head and sprinkled it all over her.

The powder glowed with all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Tricia felt a very odd sensation and looked down to see the ground rising quickly up to meet her.

Then she realized that the ground was not coming up to her, but that she was shrinking down to it. Smaller and smaller she shrank, until the yellow beach pail, that lay on the ground, dwarfed her in size.

Finally she stopped shrinking and looked around. Inside the beach pail she marveled at how large the grains of sand were.

“This is marvelous,” she thought and turned around to explore some more. Off to the right was a gigantic red, white and blue mountain, that was her beach ball.

“Tricia, please, our time is short,” pleaded the elf.

Tricia started towards him. In her path stood a large shiny metallic object. She tried to climb over it, but couldn’t.

The elf flew to her and said,” don’t climb. I will carry you. Hang on to me tightly.”

As they rose into the air, Tricia looked back and saw that the metallic object was a giant magnet that she had received for her birthday.

The elf whisked her to the top of the rose arbor and through the magical hidden door. They glided down a long, long spiral tunnel that sparkeled brightly. At the end of the tunnel, Where the dot of golden light appeared, they burst through and landed upon the green grass of Fairyland.

The elf said in a much deeper and more commanding voice that startled her, “that was the magic tunnel between your world and mine. Hurry, come.”

She wrapped her arms tightly around him as he rose into the air. They flew over beautiful fields of wild flowers, past streams and waterfalls. Tricia was enraptured with the beauty of the countryside.

She saw two beautiful water-nymphs sunning themselves on rocks below. They were slowly running their fingers through their long golden hair. They looked up and smiled and waved as Tricia and the elf flew past.

They came to a forest where she saw two brownies sitting in front of their homes, which they had made out of roots of a giant fallen tree. They passed another golden field where she saw many fairies and gnomes and other wee people at work and play.

“Look,” the elf said.

Tricia looked towards a large golden meadow where a magnificent golden casle rose majestically into the air. They landed at the gate of the golden castle and Tricia was quickly escorted to the Golden Queen.

“Welcome Tricia,” said the Golden Queen, who sat on her throne. Tricia knew exactly what to do and quickly knelt and lowered her head.

“Rise and come sit with me,” said the Golden Queen.

There was a gasp from the throats of the standing Council Of Elders as Tricia accidentally sat down before they did.

“Oh, hush, Eehia,” the Golden Queen said as she looked at the eldest elf, who looked as if he were ready to explode with indignation. “She is our guest, and we must forgive this slight offense against protocol.”

When all had finally been seated, in their correct sequence, the Golden Queen turned toward Tricia and began. “My dear Tricia, Rosetta has told us of the gracious help you gave her when she hurt herself in your garden. We are in your debt for that. But alas, you were not called here to be either rewarded or honored. No, once again Rosetta is in need of your help.”

“Where is Rosetta,” Tricia asked, as she looked all around the throne room.

“She is not here,” the Golden Fairy replied. “She is being punished by the evil witch, Ferrona.”

“Who is Ferrona? And why is she punishing Rosetta? Tricia asked.

“Ferrona was once a queen like myself,” the Golden Queen said. “But she wanted absolute power and control. So she traded all her good qualities for that bad one that we all fear. The ability to wear iron. Iron is the deadliest curse in all Fairyland. Just being in its presence causes weakness, then death to all of the wee people.

“Ferrona uses this new evil power of hers to rule Fairyland with an ironfist. Even I, the Golden Queen Fairy, with all of my magic, am powerless against her iron ring and wand.”

“But why did she punish Rosetta?” Tricia asked.

“Because she doesn’t want anyone from Fairyland to see human girls and boys, much less talk and make friends with them, as Rosetta has done.”

“That’s terrible,” Tricia shouted, “Then it is my fault that she is being punished. But why does Ferrona not like children?”

“I believe Ferrona is secretly afraid of little girls, for iron holds no power over them,” the Golden Queen said.

“Oh, my queen, how may I help?” Tricia asked.

“My child, of that we are not sure. The Council of Elders and I have been pondering this question, long and hard. It was told long ago that one with the innocence of a child would rid our land of this curse of iron. Maybe you are that child, maybe not. If you agree to help, know that it will be a very dangerous quest indeed.”

“I’ll go no matter what,” blurted out Tricia.

“Ah, the courage and innocence of youth,” the Golden Queen beamed. “First, my child, hear what it is that you will be called upon to do. Rosetta has been given to the evil stinging wasps, by Ferrona to do the bidding of the Queen wasp. She is to remain forever inside their hive. To rescue her, you will have to go into the wasps nest. Do you still wish to help?”

There was silence in the great hall as all eyes turned towards Tricia. She looked around at the Council, from Eehia, the eldest elf, to Bruno, the eldest gnome, to Naiyette, the eldest water nymph, on and on, until her eyes once more rested on the Golden Queen Fairy. With a deep swallow she finally said, “yes I will go.”

A roar of approval arose from the room, everyone present applauded and stamped their feet on the floor.

When the cheering stopped, the Golden Queen raised her hands and said, “Elrondo.”

Tricia turned to look. A powerful and determined looking warrior elf approached the throne. He bowed to the Queen and stood waiting for her orders. Tricia took a closer look, yes it was the same elf that had come to her bedroom to summon her to Fairyland. But he was now all dressed in his battle armor and held a long wooden lance in his right hand. Instead of the cocked hat, he now wore a round helmet with a golden plume.

On his right forearm, hung a round shield with the emblem of the Golden Queen embossed upon it.

“My Queen,” he said, as he knelt.

“Tricia, Captain Elrondo has offered to be your champion and to go with you into the evil forest and help you rescue Rosetta. He is our most tried and true warrior elfin and captain of my personal body guard. If anyone can help you save Rosetta, it is he.”

Elrondo rose and the Golden Queen stood and offered her hand to them. Tricia bowed and placed a kiss on the back of the Queen’s hand. Elrondo did the same.

They bowed and backed out of the throne room. Once outside, they quickly headed in the direction of the dark and dangerous evil forest to the north.

After several hours of traveling, Elrondo exclaimed, “here it is, the evil forest. Be careful. There are many dangers here and we must go carefully.”

They slowly entered the evil forest where all the sunlight was shut out and darkness prevailed.

“Ever since Ferrona and her accursed iron has come into our lands, evil and its evil things have multiplied and spread. We are helpless to stop it. Everyday this dark and evil forest encroaches more and more into our fair lands. Iron is truly the curse of our people,” he said.

Tricia walked cautiously behind him. Holding tightly onto his belt. They walked for hours. They heard strange noises and sounds coming out of the darkness around them.

Every now and then they were forced to take cover as a giant dragonfly zoomed low overhead.

“You see, Ferrona’s power is so strong that even the dragonfly you just saw, once a peaceful and good ally, has turned evil and against us,” he said.

They crept ahead slowly, looking for the hive of the wasps that held Rosetta captive. Elrondo put his hand up in caution. Tricia listened and faintly heard clicking sounds getting closer and closer.

Elrondo stiffened, grabbed Tricia’s hand and started to run, but it was too late.

“Army ants,” he whispered.

The clicking got louder and louder. From all sides of the forest a circle of army ants appeared and ringed them in. They were completely surrounded. Elrondo held his spear at the ready. Tricia turned so that they were back to back. Then together they awaited the inevitable that faced them.

One of the ants walked slowly forward and stared hard at Tricia, who thought that he was sizing her up for supper.

He raised one of his antenna and yelled, “hold, hold the attack.” He turned toward Elrondo and said, “peace, warrior elfin.” If this girl be who I think she be, then you have nothing to fear from Antilla and his men. Step forward child, let me get a better look at you.”

Tricia let go of Elrondo, who had lowered his spear, and approached Antilla.

“By the sacred mandibles of my ancestors,” the ant swore. “It is you. You are the little girl who lives by the rose arbor.”

“Yes I am,” replied Tricia, “but how did you know?”

“I could never forget you. Once, a while back, when I was on a special foraging trip into your land, you saved my life. You stopped a little boy who was stepping on my men, just for the fun of it. If you had not come along in time, then I would not be here talking to you. I too would have joined many dead brave warriors that day. When you bent down to get a better look at us, I took a long look at your face and vowed that if the opportunity ever came for me to repay you, I would.

“The God’s have given me fortune, for now I have the chance to pay my debt. It is not good to die leaving unpaid debts. How many Antilla, Captain of her Majesty the Queen Ant serve you?”

Tricia and Elrondo explained the whole situation to Antilla and what they intended to do. He nodded his head and said, “come I must get permission from the Queen before I may help you.”

He marched them to the ant hill, where they entered by one of the side entrances.

Once inside, Tricia was amazed by the amount of activity. All of the ants were busy at work. Some were bringing food into the anthill. Others were storing it away. Some were caring for the young ants and the eggs, and some were at work milking other insects. No one was standing around. It was indeed a very busy place.

Antilla took Tricia and Elrondo to the Queen’s chambers and introduced them to the Queen with much pomp and ceremony. He explained to the Queen the debt that he owed to Tricia and asked her for permission to pay it back.

The Queen agreed, but she could only allow Antilla to take twenty soldiers with him. She needed the rest to defend the nest against a rumored attack by a neighboring anthill..

Antilla bowed and they all backed out of the chamber. They made their preparations and Antilla handpicked twenty soldiers.

This time they marched boldly through the forest, there was no need to sneak around, for very few inhabitants of the evil forest wished to meet army ants on the march.

The only time that the ants were forced to stop their march and take cover was to allow a savage praying mantis plenty of room to pass. Captain Antilla told Tricia there was no sense in possibly losing half of his men in a fight with the monster.

They quickly reached the trees where the evil wasps had built their nest. They stopped and a council of war was called. The army ants formed a protective ring around Tricia, Elrondo and Antilla. It was agreed that the twenty soldiers that Antilla had at his command were far too few to try a frontal attack on the wasps nest, which might contain hundreds of soldier wasps.

Antilla, who was well versed in war tactics, said, “what we need is a diversionary tactic of some kind. We must draw the soldier wasps out so that you two can get in to make the rescue.”

Tricia’s eyes lit up with an idea and she said, “I remember reading in one of my nature books where spiders, especially tarantulas, are the deadly enemies of wasps, and they fight on sight. Is that true?”

“By the sacred antenna of my ancestor’s,”bellow Antilla, “you are right, you have it. If you ever decide to stay in Fairyland, we could use such a warrior counselor as you.”

“Thank you Antilla, but I must really get on with saving Rosetta, or I will surely be late for school,” Tricia replied.

Antilla turned towards his men and barked out some orders. They dispersed into the woods in four groups of five soldiers each.

Antilla, Tricia and Elrondo took up positions where they could safely watch the wasps nest.

Soon the sounds of clicking mixed with a horrible hissing roar filled the forest all around them. Out of the brush on the right broke a huge nasty looking shaggy tarantula, slavering at the mouth. Behind him came the army ants. They were driving the huge beast by charging in close enough to nip at his flanks without getting caught in his deadly jaws.

They drove him towards the tree which held the wasps nest. Into the jaws of death charged the brave little army ants, until they finally held the giant spider, who was fully ten times their size, at bay at the foot of the tree.

Antilla signaled for quiet and pointed to the nest. Tricia and Elrondo looked and saw that there was great activity at it’s entrance.

“The alarm has been given,” said Antilla.

More noise to the left and the right, and two more tarantulas were driven into the open by the courageous ants. Finally, from right behind them a tarantula, the biggest of the four, charged out. He still held, in his huge jaws, the lifeless body of one of the army ants who bravely but foolishly, charged in too close.

Antilla let out an oath that only those akin to the ways of army ants would have understood.

“We have done our part. Now, farewell my friends. Tricia my debt to you is paid, now the rest is up to you. I have a score to settle.” He saluted in his most formal manner and then with a terrifying battle cry, leaped onto the back of the huge tarantula that had killed his comrade-in-arms.

Tricia and Elrondo quietly watched as all the tarantulas were herded to the foot of the wasps tree.

The air above the army ants filled with the buzzing of hundreds of wings as the soldier wasps poured out of the hive and assembled for the attack. Once they formed into a massive swarm, they dove down towards the invading spiders.

Tricia and Elrondo watched as Antilla gave the huge shaggy tarantula, that he was riding, one more blow for good measure in retaliation for the death of his comrade. Then he leaped off the spider and with a series of shrill clicks, he and the rest of his soldiers gathered up the wounded and faded into the forest.

The wasps instantly attacked the spiders and the fierce battle at the foot of the tree commenced.

Elrondo gathered Tricia in his arms and as fast as he could fly headed for the entrance of the wasp’s nest. Elrondo entered first, with Tricia following close behind. Slowly they crept down a corridor into a large chamber where nurse wasps were attending the young.

They came to a fork in the corridor and Elrondo pointed to the right. The Queen’s chamber was their goal. They walked onward unopposed by the many worker wasps who were too busy going about their tasks to bother with them. They passed the honeycombs and finally came to a passageway that was much larger than the others.

Elrondo whispered, “the Queens passageway.”

They turned down the passageway and stopped quickly. A soldier wasp stood on guard in front of the Queen’s chamber. Elrondo, without hesitating for a second, charged the wasp and overpowered him quickly and quietly before he knew what happened.

Then they entered the Queen’s chambers. It was filled with newly hatched eggs that were being cared for by the nurse wasps. There, in the center of the chamber, lay the Queen wasp on her throne, oblivious to all the hard work being done all around her. She had completed her job of providing her hive with new eggs. Now all that she had to do was lie back and be pampered until egg laying time came again.

As Elrondo and Tricia secretly watched all the activity, they spotted a droop-shouldered, bedraggled figure slowly approaching the Queen wasp with a cup full of honey.

“Rosetta,” Tricia cried out uncontrollably.

At the sound of her name. Rosetta looked towards them and dropped the cup. The Queen wasp rose to her full height and emitted a series of buzzes and other sounds.

“Quickly, this way. Run Rosetta,” called Elrondo. “The Queen is summoning help.”

As fast as her tired little legs would carry her, Rosetta, the rose fairy, raced into the waiting arms of Tricia where she sobbed uncontrollably.

The Queen seeing that help was not coming soon enough, leaped to the attack. She was fully five times larger than any of the soldiers wasps and her maternal instincts against intruders in the hive was awful to behold.

“Run,” shouted Elrondo. “Back the way we came. I will try to hold her off.”

Tricia helped Rosetta down through the corridor they had entered by.

Elrondo stood his ground and tried to cover their retreat, but the force of the Queen’s charge knocked him to the ground. It was only the hardness of his armor that saved his life as she pressed home with her stinger.

Elrondo jumped to his feet and jabbed at her soft underside with his spear as he slowly backed up.

The Queen readied herself for another charge. The sheer weight of her body would soon overwhelm the valiant elfin warrior.

As she gathered to charge once again, Elrondo threw his spear, which momentarily stopped her. He then flung himself backwards and fell into the narrower tunnel used by the worker wasps. The Queen’s body was too big to fit through and she hit the wall with such a tremendous shock that it temporarily stunned her.

Elrondo scrambled to his feet and ran after Tricia and Rosetta.

They made their way to the outside, unopposed and saw that the battle below still raged fiercely.

Rosetta was too weak to fly and her wings were all covered with the sticky honey that the Queen had placed there to prevent her from escaping.

Elrondo made two trips, first carrying Rosetta to safety in the bushes, then Tricia.

Once all three were on the ground, they made their escape. They cleared the evil woods and stopped by a little stream of clear running water. Tricia helped Rosetta wash her wings, while Elrondo stood on guard.

Tricia was so happy for saving Rosetta that she gave Elrondo a big squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.

“We did it,” she yelled with joy.

The warrior elfin mumbled something under his breath and turned a deep scarlet.

“Eiiahhhahhhaahhaa,” a horrible laugh filled the air.

The three of them turned to face Ferrona, the evil witch, who hovered high above them in the air.

“So you thought you could get away,” she laughed. “Now I will have to punish all three of you.”

Elrondo and Rosetta together grabbed Tricia under the arms and took to the air.

“On, no you don’t,” screeched Ferrona as she pointed the cursed iron wand at them.

Instantly, all of the power in their wings left them and they fell straight into the cooling waters of the stream below. As they hit the water, their strength returned.

“Quickly,” Tricia said. “The running water has stopped her evil power. Let’s get away before she finds a way across.”

Off they sped.

“With her magic, she will surely overtake us,” Elrondo said. “We will never make it back to the Golden Castle in time. I will stay behind and try to stop her. Hurry.”

“No, we will never leave you,” cried Rosetta.

“It doesn’t matter if we make it to the Golden Castle or not,” Tricia said. “Ferrona is on to us and she has the iron wand and ring, and she will eventually get us. But I have a plan. Will Ferrona follow us back through the tunnel to my garden?”

“She is so evil and so angry,” replied Rosetta, “that she will follow us to the ends of the world.”

“Fine. Let’s make haste toward the tunnel,” smiled Tricia. “On the way, I will tell you my plan.”

As quickly as they could, the three flew toward the magic entrance that lead into Tricia’s world. But it was slow going, and they had to take repeated rests. Rosetta was still weak from her ordeal with the wasps and the pursuit of Ferrona with the iron drained them continually.

“It’s Ferrona,” Elrondo said on one of the breaks. She is gaining ground. That accursed iron drains our energy.”

They stopped and rested once again.

“We will never make it to the entrance,” Elrondo said. “I must stay and face her. Don’t try to talk me out of it. Besides Tricia, your mission is far more important than the life of one elfin warrior. Go and hurry.”

“Come,” Rosetta said, who knew the uselessness of argument when Elrondo made up his mind to do his duty.

As they started off, Elrondo looked at Rosetta and said, “remember me.”

This was the first time Elrondo let his guard down and showed his love for Rosetta.

It wasn’t long before Feronna showed up. Elrondo had no chance, but he stood his ground against the evil witch. Her iron wand soon had him on his knees in front of her, disarmed.

“Where did they go?” she cackled, “to humanland?”

Elrondo did not answer.

Feronna touched Elrondo’s shoulder with the iron wand, causing untold agony to the elfin warrior. But still his lips remained sealed.

“Bah. I’ve wasted enough time with you. I will deal with you later.” She hit him with the iron wand, knocking him senseless and took to the air.

She flew directly toward the magic tunnel.

The precious time that Elrondo had bought them, with his bravery, and silence was enough. Tricia and Rosetta reached the tunnel, just as Feronna showed up in hot pursuit.

“You’ll not get away this time,” the evil witch cackled.

Quickly Tricia and Rosetta entered the tunnel and sped through the lights and burst through into her garden.

Feronna was right behind them.

“Stop,” the evil witch shouted and raised her magic wand. Rosetta slipped to the ground, but the wand had no effect on Tricia at all.

Tricia grabbed Rosetta and slowly dragged her away from Feronna.

“You are just prolonging the end,” laughed Feronna. “You can’t get away.”

Finally Tricia was exactly where she wanted to be. She had her back against a shinny metallic object.

“Feronna you evil witch,” Tricia yelled defiantly, “why are you so afraid of me?”

“Afraid of you?” roared the witch. “I fear no one!”

“You lie. If you are not afraid, then come and touch me,” taunted Tricia. “But you won’t. You are afraid of all children.”

“I’ll touch you,” screeched Feronna. “I’ll do more than that. I’ll smash that silly smile right of your face, right now.”

Feronna charged at Tricia with her iron wand rose high above her head.

At the very last moment, Tricia summoned up all of her remaining strength and lunged with Rosetta out of the way. Instead of hitting Tricia with the wand, the evil witch got caught in the powerful field of the magnet, that Tricia had so carefully hidden behind her.

With a loud scream, Feronna was pulled in towards the magnet where she got stuck between the two powerful poles. She was held tight by both the iron wand in her hand and the iron ring on her finger.

“Help me. Help me,” she screamed. “I can’t move. I’m stuck. This is your magic Tricia. Let me go and I will be good.”

“Ha,” Tricia laughed. “I wouldn’t help you if I could. Only you can help yourself. Drop the iron wand and take the ring off of your finger.”

Feronna was too scared not to obey and upon letting go of the wand she fell unceremoniously to the ground. The iron ring and wand stuck firmly to the magnet.

“Go now, back to your world, and ask the Golden Queen for forgiveness,” pointed Tricia. “Though I don’t see any reason why you deserve it.”

“Oh, Tricia, this is the second time that you have saved me,” Rosetta smiled. “This means that all Fairyland will be out from under her power. Please, you must come back with me and let us reward you.”

Before Tricia could answer, the alarm clock on her night table filled the air of the garden with its ringing.

“Oh, I would love to, “ answered Tricia. “But I will be late for school and my mother would be cross. You go now and find Elrondo. He needs you. Someday we will meet again.”

Tricia and Rosetta hugged and kissed with tears of joy and sorrow flowing down their cheeks.

As Rosetta flew towards the entrance, she sprinkled Tricia with the manic sand that brought her back to human size.

Tricia waved goodbye as Rosetta disappeared into the opening in the rose arbor. Then she bent down and took a tiny iron wand and ring off the magnet and walked into the house.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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Tricia and the Manchu Dragon


By Ellis Peterson (AKA Ragnar Storyteller)

“Oh Rosetta, I would love to go,” Tricia said, “but where would I get a princesses gown, and why a Chinese one?”
“It is what the Golden Queen Fairy requested,” Rosetta replied in the musical voice of a rose fairy. “All Fairyland is abuzz with the thought of a ball. A messenger came and said that the Queen Fairy from Japan would be visiting us. In her honor the Golden Queen Fairy has appointed tomorrow night as the night of the grand ball. Everyone will be there. The Queen wants especially to introduce you to the visiting Queen. Everyone will be dressed in Chinese tradition, with you as the Chinese princess.”
“Well then, we do not have a lot of time,” Tricia smiled. “Climb on my shoulder and we will go to the costume store and see what they have.”
When Tricia and Rosetta arrived at the costume store, they were disappointed to find there were no Chinese princess costumes, or anything to resemble it, in the whole store. When Tricia asked the owner if she knew where she could get one, the best that he could do was give her a list of other costume stores in the area.
Tricia and Rosetta went back home and Tricia spent the next half hour calling all the stores on the list. She was down to her last store with no success.
“Oh Rosetta, what am I to do? I can’t find a costume. That means I won’t be able to go.
“But you must, Rosetta said. “The Queen is looking forward to your being there. Don’t give up, make that last call. I have a “fairy feeling” that we may be in luck.
Tricia made the last call. When she hung up there was glimmer of hope in her eyes.
“What did he say?” Rosetta asked.
“He didn’t have any, but joking around he said that I would only be able to find the dress in a museum. Isn’t that a great idea.
Tricia took out the telephone directory and listed the phone numbers of museums in the area. On her third call, she broke into a big smile, gave a loud thank you, and turned to Rosetta and said, “We are in luck.” The Museum of Arts has an exposition called, “The Chinese Tea Garden.” It has all the contemporary works of the Ch’ing Dynasty of the late 18th and 19th century. I studied about that period in school. They are sure to have the costume we are looking for. “Hurry let’s go.”
“But how will we get the costume out of the museum?’ Rosetta asked.
“We will worry about that when we find it,” Tricia winked.
When they arrived at the museum, they went straight for the information desk. Tricia was told that the Chinese Tea Garden exhibition was on the third floor. Rosetta was overwhelmed by all the beautiful art objects in the museum, for this had been her very first trip to one. “You humans have special talent for reproducing beauty,” she said. “It is a wonder how pieces of paper and cloth and stone can be made so beautiful.”
They walked real slow toward the third floor so that Rosetta could get a long look at all the works of art.
“There it is,” Tricia said, “See that sign, it points out through those doors.” They went through the doors and stepped right into 18th century China.
“It’s almost as if we stepped into another world,” Tricia exclaimed. The garden was formed into a huge rectangle. In the middle of the rectangle stood a little pond, which had a fountain in the center spraying out two streams of water, a spray bubbled out from the center and formed a very misty spray around the outer edge of the pond. The pond was filled with water lilies. Rare exotic flowers surrounded a wishing well.
“Wouldn’t that have been a lovely place to live?” Rosetta said, as Tricia had to urge her away from the beauty of the pond. All around the garden were little gravel paths that led to little streams, crossed over by bamboo bridges. One path led to a small pagoda with a dirt floor. In the center of the room was a perpetual candle that stood before a smiling figure of the Buddha.
The signs that were posted around the garden told them that this was an exact replica of a tea garden in the Emperor’s Palace of the Ch’ing dynasty, circa 18th century. It was where the princess, his daughter spent most of her time, in studies and at play.
When they had filled themselves to capacity with the beauty of the outside garden and all it’s wandering paths, they entered the large door to see the inner exhibition.
The first room they entered had a highly polished floor made of ebony wood. In the center of the room was a bed, but it was no ordinary bed. It was the bed where the Imperial Princess slept. It was a four-poster with a red satin canopy, red satin comforter and black ebony wooden frame.
“Oh, how I would love to sleep in that bed, just once,” Tricia sighed. “I bet I would have princess dreams.”
They left the bedroom and walked down a short, narrow corridor, Tricia jumped back in fright. There, standing on guard in their path was a huge Chinese guard. He looked fierce in his full face helmet, with two long red feathers standing another two feet in the air.
“Who is he?” Tricia gasped. “He must be seven feet tall.”
There along side the awesome figure was a little sign telling them that he was an Imperial Palace guard who was entrusted with the safety of the princess’ life.
Tricia and Rosetta walked around the guard, giving his huge curved sword a wide berth.
“Look, Oh look, Tricia,” Rosetta yelled. “Your gown, your gown!”
Tricia finally took her eyes off the Imperial Guard and looked in the direction Rosetta was pointing. Yes, there it was, a magnificent white gown that was modeled by a petite Chinese princess, who was surrounded by six palace serving girls. The gown was long sleeved and all white with a neckline sparkling with diamonds. On her head was a silver tiara filled with rare gems and a veil of the finest silk that Tricia had ever seen.
“O Rosetta, it is her wedding gown,” Tricia said. “Look at the sign.” Today is her wedding day and her maids are helping her get dressed while her future husband awaits her with her father in the throne room. The Imperial Guard over there by the door is commanded to cut off heads of anyone trying to see the princess before the wedding,” Tricia gulped and turned to look once more at the guard, while rubbing her neck.
“Oh, I would love to wear that gown to the Queen’s ball, but the train is so long, how would I manage it?”
“I will help you,” Rosetta said.
“Oh thank you,” Tricia smiled. “Now let’s find a good hiding place until all the people leave and the museum closes. Then I will put on the gown, you will shrink me to fairy size and we will go to the ball. We will have the gown back before the museum opens tomorrow. That’s my plan. What do you think, Rosetta?”
With Rosetta still perched on her shoulder, Tricia walked around among all the other museum visitors, looking for a good hiding place for the next few hours.
“There,” Rosetta shouted in Tricia’s ear, “Oh Tricia let’s hide in that beautiful pool with the fountain.”
“Okay,” Tricia smiled. “But first, let’s go to the ladies room and you can shrink me to your size.”
Tricia and Rosetta nestled themselves comfortably between two large lilies in the middle of the pool. They felt quite safe and secure for they knew that very few children could see them and still very, very, very, few adults. So they settled down for a nap.
They no sooner closed their eyes when the lily pads they were lying upon started bobbing up and down rapidly. They crawled out of the lilies to see what was causing the commotion. Sitting on the edge of the pool were two rowdy-looking boys. They were splashing the water with their hands causing big waves to form.
Suddenly, the boys looked in the direction of Tricia and Rosetta and pointed.
“They can’t possibly see us. Can they?” Tricia asked.
“It looks like they can,” Rosetta answered. “Look, they are trying to get closer.”
The boys moved along the pool until they were directly opposite them. One of the boys took some rubber bands out of his pocket and passed some to the other boy. Then they took turns trying to hit Tricia and Rosetta with them.
“I thought only good boys and girls could see fairies,” Tricia said.
“Oh no,” Rosetta answered. “Sometimes children and people with very strong imaginations can also see the small people.”
“We had better get out of here,” Tricia said. “If one of those rubber bands hits us we might get seriously hurt. Duck!”
One of the rubber bands whizzed over their heads and hit the flower with such impact that it broke lose some of the petals.
Tricia and Rosetta moved to the other side of the pool, all the while carefully hiding themselves in the thick foliage.
But when they got to the other side, there were two boys aiming more rubber bands at them. They scurried for cover as another rubber band zoomed past their heads.
All the while, the boys were laughing and shouting and jumping up and down. It wasn’t long until they attracted the attention of one of the museum guards. He took them both by the arms and asked where their parents were.
Tricia and Rosetta watched from their hiding place, but when the boys insisted there was something in the bushes in the pond, they both agreed it was time to find another hiding place before the guard started looking for them also.
Tricia and Rosetta flew safely away from the pond and headed inside to the main exhibition. They spotted the room with the princesses’ beautiful red bed. “There, there,” Tricia called out in sheer delight. “I am going to get my chance to sleep in the princesses’ bed after all.”
They landed on the large red satin pillow and snuggled down between it and the red satin comforter. Since there was a guide rope around the bed, they felt quite secure and soon fell asleep.
Tricia was awakened by the gentle nudging of Rosetta.
“Shhh, listen,” Rosetta whispered.
They climbed out from between the red satin pillow and comforter. “That’s bells, music and laughter,” Tricia said. She glanced at her watch and said, “But how could that be? It’s past closing time. Who could be making all that noise?”
They cautiously climbed off the bed and went to the door and peeked around the corner from where the music came.
The music was coming from the exhibition room, where this afternoon they had seen the princess manikin and the gown. Quietly they crept toward the doorway, from which soft light now poured.
A party was going on. It was some sort of celebration. The manikins that stood lifeless during the afternoon hours had come to life. They were standing around, waiting for some event to happen.
“Where’s the princess, Tricia whispered. “Let’s find her.”
They cautiously worked their way around the large room, keeping to the shadows along the walls. They found the princess in one of the anti-rooms with her serving ladies. They were putting the finishing touches on her hair. They listened to the conversation and found that this was the princesses’ wedding night. Many years ago, back in China, on her original wedding day a terrible thing had happened. The princess was carried away by the Manchu dragon before she ever got the chance to be married. Every year on the same day the wedding scene is reenacted with the hope that the outcome will be different. Tricia and Rosetta had chosen the night of the reenactment for their visit to the museum.
“What will we do?” Rosetta asked.
“We must find a way to help her,” Tricia answered. “I don’t know how, but there must be a way.”
“I must talk to the princess,” Tricia finally said.
Rosetta sprinkled some of the magical sand upon Tricia’s head and she rose to full-size. With Rosetta perched on her shoulder, Tricia started to enter the room to talk with the princess.
“Watch out,” Rosetta yelled, and instinctively Tricia ducked, just in time as a huge sword whistled over her head. Tricia looked up and there was the fierce Imperial Guard raising his massive curved sword for another swing. Tricia was hypnotized by the fierceness of his mask and stood absolutely still.
“Run, run, run,” Rosetta had to yell before Tricia broke free from his staring eyes. Off she went into the darkness of the museum with the giant Imperial Guard in hot pursuit.
Down the dark museum corridors they raced, Tricia with Rosetta perched on her shoulders and the giant Imperial Guard with the curved sword raised high over his head.
Out of the darkness of the museum came a blood chilling roar. Tricia and the Imperial Guard stopped dead in their tracks. Again the roar. In a few seconds the corridor was filled with the stench of burning brimstone.
“The Manchu Dragon,” yelled the guard as he turned on his heels and headed back toward the princess. Tricia and Rosetta now chased him back toward where they had come.
Tricia arrived in time to see a terrible horned dragon emerge from the princesses’ room. He held the unconscious princess in one of his huge claws. He stopped and roared one more time. Flames poured out of his mouth. He was over 30 feet long and stood 10 feet tall. He easily carried the princess along as if she were no more than a ragdoll.
Nobody else could be seen. All the living manikins had run away or were hiding.
Suddenly, the Imperial Guard leaped out of the shadows and delivered a terrible blow to the head of the dragon with his huge sword.
The dragon let out a piercing cry of pain, shook his head, and reached out and grabbed the guard with his other clawed hand.
He was about to open his mouth and toast the guard to a cinder when Rosetta flew off of Tricia’s shoulder and headed straight for the dragon. She was no more than the size of a gnat compared to the huge bulk of the dragon; but she flew straight for that awesome head. When she was a few feet from his eyes, she took out her bag of magic sand and threw it into his face. The dragon struck out in blind fury and threw the guard unconscious against the wall. Then he instantly shrunk to half size. But this was still big enough to carry the princess along with him as he raced for the darkness of the museum corridors.
Rosetta settled back onto Tricia’s shoulder, who was by now hiding behind on of the exhibition cases. “That was really brave of you,” Tricia said.
“But the magic sand didn’t work as well as I thought it would. He is still very big and very strong.
“I know, but we must save the princess,” Tricia said. “Come, let’s follow him.”
It was not difficult to follow the dragon, for wherever he had been, a smell of burned rock lay behind. They followed him to the long winding stairs that led to the attic of the museum.
“I wonder what is up there?” Tricia asked.
Suddenly, the museum was filled with the roaring of a dragon in full battle frenzy. Tricia and Rosetta hid until the noise subsided and the flashing of the fire from the dragon’s mouth stopped.
After a period of quietness, Tricia and Rosetta ascended the stairs to the attic when the huge wooden doors had been thrown open. They quietly entered.
“It’s a work room,” Tricia said, “Look at that. It’s where they make the paper mache models of the dinosaurs.”
“What are dinosaurs?” Rosetta asked.
“See all those broken pieces all over the floor, “Tricia said. “Well they were models of prehistoric monsters that the museum staff was making. I guess the dragon took them for real and destroyed all of them.”
The room was literally strewn with paper mache pieces of dinosaurs from all ages.
“Come, he went this way,” Tricia said.
They walked through the large room and entered a smaller room at the left. There in the middle of the room lay the dragon. The princess was still clutched gently in his claw. She was awake, but she just sat there indifferent to her fate.
Tricia and Rosetta watched the dragon for a long time; but he did not move.
“I guess he is tired from his battles,” Tricia said. “Rosetta, do you think that you can go talk to the princess and find out what it is we can do to help?”
Rosetta flew off Tricia’s shoulder and landed on the princesses’ shoulder. Soon she came back.
“It’s no use,” Rosetta said. “The princess says nothing can be done. Every year for the past two hundred years the dragon has come and captured her. The prince, who she was to marry, arrived too late to save her.
No, it is not too late,” Tricia said. “If we can just keep the dragon occupied until the sun rises, then the prince will come and rescue her. Go tell the princess to have courage, for I have a plan.”
When Rosetta got back from telling the princess that they would rescue her, Tricia took her to the room with all the paper mache materials. They set to work and made a life-size duplicate of the Imperial Guard, only instead of giving him feet, they left a large opening.
“I’m sure Mr. Dragon will remember this one,” Tricia smiled, “for he still has that big lump on his head where he got hit.”
“Now that we have this made,” Rosetta asked, “What are we going to do with it?”
“We are going to glue it onto the tail of the dragon and wake him up,” Tricia answered. “Then while he is fighting with it, we will rescue the princess.”
“How long do you think he will take to destroy this dummy?” Rosetta asked with a puzzled look in her eyes.
“Long enough, if he does what I think he will do,” Tricia winked.
Very quietly they carried the paper mache Imperial Guard into the room where the dragon slept. He was snoring furiously. The princess lay quietly in the grasp of his claw. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the two of them approach.
Tricia handed Rosetta a piece of very strong nylon cord and told her to quietly tie it tightly to one of his horns. When Rosetta had returned with the loose end of the string, Tricia tied it to the dummy.
“Now for the hard part,” Tricia said. “To glue it to his tail without waking him.”
The two of them worked very quietly and they managed to glue the dummy securely to the tip of the dragon’s tail.
When they had finished, they tiptoed to the other room and at the given signal Tricia beat loudly on a drum that lie in the corner and little Rosetta yelled and shouted as loud as her little voice could go.
The dragon opened his eyes and looked around. When it moved its head, the Imperial Guard which was attached to a string connected to his horn, moved also. The dragon leaped to his feet, letting go of the princess, who quickly ran across the floor toward Tricia and Rosetta. The dragon tried to bite the dummy; but as his head moved toward him, the string attached to it caused the dummy to move away from him in a circular motion. Then it happened, what Tricia thought would happen. The dragon started to chase his own tail where the Imperial Guard was glued, but he was just never able to get to it.
“That should keep him busy until daylight,” Tricia said, as the three of them headed back downstairs toward the princesses’ chambers.
As they neared the princesses’ room, the Imperial Guard came running up with raised sword. The princess told him how Tricia and Rosetta had saved her. Instantly the guard prostrated himself on the ground before them, “I am your obedient servant,” he said.
Soon the hall was full of gaily talking guests. Everyone was truly excited, for now, after hundreds of years it seemed as if the prince would arrive in time and find the princess ready to wed.
Tricia and Rosetta sat with the princess and talked. “Where will the prince come from?” Tricia asked, “I did not see him in the museum anywhere.”
The princess laughed, “Oh Tricia, he is not here but he will come, for a love such as we have is not hampered by either time or space. He will be here,he always has.”
A loud cheer from the other room told of the princes” arrival.
Tricia jumped up all excited. “Aren’t you going to see the prince?” she asked
“He will come to me when he finishes his business with the dragon,” the princess quietly said. “Now, sit down here and tell me what you are doing in the museum at night.”
Tricia told the princess about the ball and how they had come for the gown.
“I will give you the gown on one condition,” the princess smiled and said.
“What is that?” Tricia asked
“That you stay and be my bridesmaid, for once I have been finally married, I will no longer be in need of it.”
“Oh yes,” Tricia beamed and hugged the princess.
The next day, the newspapers carried a small article on one of the back pages about how vandals had broken into the museum and caused minor damage. The museum officials were quite confused, for the only items that were missing were a wedding gown, the manikin that it had been placed upon, and the large decorative rug, which bore the image of the Manchu dragon upon it.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

For more of his writings please visit his websites:

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You can also visit his informative blogs on runes, quantum physics, magic, spirituality, alternate healing methods.

Tricia and Rosetta the Rose Fairy


Tricia ran into the backyard. The day was warm, sunny and beautiful. She stretched herself out on her favorite lounge chair, opened her fourth grade reader, settled back and relaxed. This was her own special little world. Nothing to disturb her. Here she could close her eyes and daydream and play make believe.
Dreamily she looked at the big rose vine that covered the entire garage wall. It must be the biggest rose vine in the whole world, she thought. She loved all the flowers, birds, animals, and even the little insects. She was in their world now and she was content.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

She noticed a slight movement from the corner of the rose vine. Way back in the rear, where the vine met the Calligan’s garage wall. There were flickering colors of shimmering blues and pinks by an oval of silver. It pulsated in and out, as if it were breathing. It was on the ground at the bottom of the rose vine. Tricia watched as it moved slowly, but it moved. She leaned over to get a better look and almost fell out of the chair. The shimmering light was a little pink fairy hanging on the bottom of the rose vine.

“No. That’s impossible,” Tricia thought. “There’s no such thing as a fairy in real life, least of all not in my back yard.” As she held this thought in her mind, the colors started to fade and almost disappeared.
“Oh, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true,” she thought and rose from her seat to hurry toward the spot.
“Oh, please little fairy let it really be you and not just my silly imagination.”
Once again the shimmering lights appeared; a mixture of pale blues, sparkling pinks and cloudy silvers.
“Oh, there you are,” she thought. “There you are.” The more she stared and wished, the brighter the colors glowed. Then they started to change. The blues became a beautiful cape that covered an ankle length pink gown. The silver shimmering turned into two magnificent wings that covered the entire back of the little fairy from her little head to her heels.
Right before her eyes, the shining colors transformed themselves into a beautiful rose fairy. More beautiful than any she had ever seen in her picture books.
Tricia bent over to take a closer look. The little fairy was hurt. Something was wrong with one of her arms. It dangled loosely at her side. With her good arm, the little fairy was trying to climb a vine.
When Tricia’s face got within a few inches of the struggling fairy, their eyes finally met. Tricia saw a look of fear and astonishment upon the little face.
Tricia recalled from one of her books that little fairies could see little girls, and as a matter of fact, it was one of their favorite pastimes. But for a little girl to see a fairy, well that was quite rare indeed.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

“Oh, please little fairy, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. “I want to help,” Cried Tricia as the fairy’s colors started to fade.
“Don’t leave. Let me help. Please, please, please,” she begged.
The fairy turned once more toward Tricia, but lost her grip on the vine. She started to fall, Tricia quickly cupped her hands and caught her.
With her little prize, Tricia walked slowly to the lounge chair and sat down. She placed the fairy in her lap and they looked at each other for a few moments. All the fear and worry vanished from the fairy’s face.
“Yes,” Tricia thought, “Read my heart and you will see that I mean you no harm.”
The fairy was very weak and sleepy. Quickly Tricia carried her into the bedroom and placed her carefully in the middle of her bed. Soon the trusting fairy was sound asleep.
Tricia was filled with joy. “First, I will heal the little fairy,” she thought. “Then it will all be mine to keep, to play with, and to show to all my friends.”
“But how does one cure a sick fairy,” she wondered.
When she was sick, Mommy and Daddy took her to the doctor. But where would you find a doctor for a fairy? “Surely, not in the yellow pages,” she thought.
“Well, I have to get her something to eat,” she thought. “She is bound to be very hungry when she wakes up.” With one last look at the sleeping fairy, she headed for the kitchen.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Tricia thought chocolate chip cookies and milk ought to do just fine for this time of day. “ “I really don’t know what fairies like to eat, “ she reflected. “But how could anyone turn down such yummy food.” She placed the goodies on her special serving tray, the one that she and her dolls used for their afternoon tea parties.
“Oh, I can’t wait to introduce her to all the dolls in the house,” she anticipated, as she headed back to the bedroom. “I’m sure they will love each other. I just hope that Carmella won’t get jealous if I let our guest sit at the head of the table.”
Tricia entered the room and her heart leaped into her mouth. The fairy still slept peacefully, completely unaware of the danger that lurked only five feet from her. For there on the edge of the bed, with tail twitching back and forth menacingly, sat rebel the cat. He was poised to pounce on the sleeping fairy.
“Rebel, don’t!” Tricia screamed and hurled the tray, cookies, milk and all, in the direction of the stalking cat. It banged against the bedpost sending cups, saucers, cookies and the cat in all different directions.
The little fairy sat bolt upright. Tricia hurried to sit down next to her and took the little fairy into her hands.
“Now, now, little fairy, don’t be afraid. That bad old cat is not going to hurt you. I’ll protect you. Then you’ll be able to stay with me forever and ever.”
The soothing voice and gentle rocking back and forth soon put the little fairy back to sleep.
Now Tricia had a more immediate problem. Where could she keep the little fairy so that it would be safe from Rebel? Tricia knew that her pet cat would not give up his prize so easily. She looked around the bedroom and spotted her large doll house. It would be perfect, if only it had a front wall and a strong door. Tricia smiled as an idea came to her. She took the dollhouse and turned it completely around so that the opened side now pressed against the wall. It was difficult, for the three story dollhouse was very heavy. But this was perfect, she thought as she struggled. Now Rebel won’t be able to tip it over. She inspected all the windows carefully. No, there was no way Rebel could get at the fairy once she was safely inside.
Tricia then placed the sleeping little fairy in the master bedroom of the doll house. It was just the right size. She sat for a long time watching the fairy sleep.
“Tricia, where are you?”
It was mommy, home from shopping.
Tricia ran from the bedroom and right into the arms of her mother and gave her a big kiss. “Oh, Mommy, Mommy, guess what? The most wonderful thing in the world happened! I found a little fairy in the yard. She is so sick. I put her in the doll house, in the master bedroom, and turned it toward the wall so that Rebel can’t get her, and now she’s safe, quick, come, take a look!” she gushed out all in one long sentence.
As she ran ahead, she yelled over her shoulder, “Hurry Mommy. Hurry! I want you to help me get her all better. Then I’ll be able to keep her forever.”
Tricia reached the doll house first and peeked inside. The little fairy was still sleeping.
“Here, Mommy, look. Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?”
Mommy bent down and looked into the window.
“Tricia, I don’t see anything,” she said, as she got up. “Dear, please don’t play these games with me. I’m tired.”
“But Mommy, she’s there.”
“Tricia!” Mommy’s voice rose.
“I’m sorry Mommy, but I can see her. Maybe it’s true that they can only be seen by little children.”
“Yes dear, maybe that’s the answer,” Mommy said wearily. “Now please, clean up this mess. Whatever have you done to your room?”
After supper, Tricia hurried back to her bedroom. She placed the folded napkin on the bed which had some leftovers from the meal.
She took the fairy out of the doll house and tried to feed her with no success.
“Oh little fairy. Please help me. What is it that you eat? How can I heal you?”

Tricia and Rose Fairy

The little fairies mouth moved and Tricia put her ear as close as she could. But the little fairy was to weak to be heard.
“Oh my poor little fairy. If you can’t eat, then all I can do is give you my love,” and she held the fairy lovingly in her hands.
“Tricia, come take your bath and get ready for bed,” her Mother called.
In the bed that evening, Tricia worried about her fairy. She seemed to be getting weaker and weaker and she didn’t know what to do.
The next morning, Tricia jumped out of bed and looked again at the resting fairy. No change. After breakfast her Mother reminded her that evening they were going to Grandma’s to visit.
Tricia started to panic. Tonight? She had completely forgotten. She would be gone the entire weekend. Who would take care of the sick fairy?
Tricia ran toward the bedroom. She resolved that today she must heal the fairy at all costs. But how? Tricia went back into the yard. She felt that maybe the answer was there. She searched the rose vine closely. She even got a ladder and climbed to the top to see if there was any secret openings. Nothing.
She sat down in her lounge chair dejected. Then she called out loud, “Oh, friends of the little fairy, can you here me? Please come out. I need your help.”
Just then a beautiful butterfly flew by. Tricia excitedly called after it, “Oh, little butterfly, if you see any little fairies, please ask them to come help me. I have a sick fairy in my doll house and I don’t know what to do.”
Sadly, she sat back in the chair and stared at the rose vine. The beauty and the smell of the roses, in the early morning light captured her attention. The dew sparkling on the petals gave Tricia an impulsive urge. She got up and cut three roses from the bush. She took them into her bedroom and placed them in a vase on her dresser.
“Here, little fairy, “ she called into the window of the doll house. “Since you can’t get home, I thought that I would bring a little bit of your home to you..” But the little fairy just lay there with her eyes closed.
Tricia ran to the phone and tried to call her Daddy. She knew that he was away on a business trip, but maybe the office contact him. Maybe he would know what to do. But he could not be reached.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Slowly, she walked back to the bedroom where she was surprised to see the little fairy clinging to the inside of the window of the doll house.
“Oh, little fairy, whatever are you doing? Please, don’t. You’re still too weak I’m afraid that you’ll hurt yourself.”
She took the fairy and placed her in one of the rooms that had no windows. “Now, you stay there, where you will be safe. I will figure out what to do.”
Tricia took all her picture books about fairies and elves down from the shelf.. There were many wonderful stories and pictures, but nothing on how to heal a sick fairy. Then she thought of all the books in the library.
“Wait here, little fairy,” she shouted over her shoulder as she hurried out of the room.
One hour later, a very sad and disappointed Tricia came home. The librarian had been very sympathetic they could not find the information she needed. The tears welled up in her eyes. “Oh, what am I going to do,” she thought.
She entered the bedroom and sobs got caught in her throat. The fairy had gotten out of the doll house. She was by the window and ready to make a leap, struggling desperately to balance herself with one good arm.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Where was she trying to go, wondered Tricia. Why? Can she make it? All this flashed through her mind as she watched.
Just then, Tricia saw a faint movement out of the corner of her eye. She was not the only one who watched the little fairies struggles. There, in the corner, hidden by the rocking chair, lurked Rebel. He was all tensed ready to spring.
Tricia was horrified and for a moment unable to move. Then it happened. With a mighty leap the fairy let go of the window. At that same instant, the cat jumped. The howling cat was caught in mid-air by Tricia who came out of her stupor just in time. She wound up on the floor with the screeching, howling cat in her arms. She let him go and rushed out of the room with all the dignity that he could mustor.
Tricia turned toward the dresser where the little fairy sat on the rim of the vase drinking some of the dew off the rose petals. Then the fairy took off one of the petals and gently rubbed it on her injured arm and wing.

Trica and Rose Fairy

Tricia watched as the fairy went about the task of eating the petals and healing herself. Soon, there was a healthy and beautiful rose fairy smiling back at her. She was alive with color and had the full use of her arm and wing again.
They looked at each other for a long time. Not a word was spoken, but Tricia knew that her house was not the place for the fairy. She couldn’t keep her little friend after all. She went to the window and opened it. As she turned, there was a fluttering in the air. For the first time, Tricia saw the graceful flight of a beautiful rose fairy.
The little fairy landed on her shoulder. Then, in a bell-like tone, she said, “thank you my name is Rosetta and we shall meet again.” With that, the rose fairy planted a light kiss on Tricia’s cheek and flew out the open window.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

For more of his writings please visit his websites:

Or just go to goggle and type in his pen name Ragnar Storyteller for his listings.

He is a ghost writer and will write articles for you. He can be contacted at

You can also visit his informative blogs on runes, quantum physics, magic, spirituality, alternate healing methods.