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Tricia and Rosetta the Rose Fairy


Tricia ran into the backyard. The day was warm, sunny and beautiful. She stretched herself out on her favorite lounge chair, opened her fourth grade reader, settled back and relaxed. This was her own special little world. Nothing to disturb her. Here she could close her eyes and daydream and play make believe.
Dreamily she looked at the big rose vine that covered the entire garage wall. It must be the biggest rose vine in the whole world, she thought. She loved all the flowers, birds, animals, and even the little insects. She was in their world now and she was content.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

She noticed a slight movement from the corner of the rose vine. Way back in the rear, where the vine met the Calligan’s garage wall. There were flickering colors of shimmering blues and pinks by an oval of silver. It pulsated in and out, as if it were breathing. It was on the ground at the bottom of the rose vine. Tricia watched as it moved slowly, but it moved. She leaned over to get a better look and almost fell out of the chair. The shimmering light was a little pink fairy hanging on the bottom of the rose vine.

“No. That’s impossible,” Tricia thought. “There’s no such thing as a fairy in real life, least of all not in my back yard.” As she held this thought in her mind, the colors started to fade and almost disappeared.
“Oh, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true,” she thought and rose from her seat to hurry toward the spot.
“Oh, please little fairy let it really be you and not just my silly imagination.”
Once again the shimmering lights appeared; a mixture of pale blues, sparkling pinks and cloudy silvers.
“Oh, there you are,” she thought. “There you are.” The more she stared and wished, the brighter the colors glowed. Then they started to change. The blues became a beautiful cape that covered an ankle length pink gown. The silver shimmering turned into two magnificent wings that covered the entire back of the little fairy from her little head to her heels.
Right before her eyes, the shining colors transformed themselves into a beautiful rose fairy. More beautiful than any she had ever seen in her picture books.
Tricia bent over to take a closer look. The little fairy was hurt. Something was wrong with one of her arms. It dangled loosely at her side. With her good arm, the little fairy was trying to climb a vine.
When Tricia’s face got within a few inches of the struggling fairy, their eyes finally met. Tricia saw a look of fear and astonishment upon the little face.
Tricia recalled from one of her books that little fairies could see little girls, and as a matter of fact, it was one of their favorite pastimes. But for a little girl to see a fairy, well that was quite rare indeed.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

“Oh, please little fairy, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. “I want to help,” Cried Tricia as the fairy’s colors started to fade.
“Don’t leave. Let me help. Please, please, please,” she begged.
The fairy turned once more toward Tricia, but lost her grip on the vine. She started to fall, Tricia quickly cupped her hands and caught her.
With her little prize, Tricia walked slowly to the lounge chair and sat down. She placed the fairy in her lap and they looked at each other for a few moments. All the fear and worry vanished from the fairy’s face.
“Yes,” Tricia thought, “Read my heart and you will see that I mean you no harm.”
The fairy was very weak and sleepy. Quickly Tricia carried her into the bedroom and placed her carefully in the middle of her bed. Soon the trusting fairy was sound asleep.
Tricia was filled with joy. “First, I will heal the little fairy,” she thought. “Then it will all be mine to keep, to play with, and to show to all my friends.”
“But how does one cure a sick fairy,” she wondered.
When she was sick, Mommy and Daddy took her to the doctor. But where would you find a doctor for a fairy? “Surely, not in the yellow pages,” she thought.
“Well, I have to get her something to eat,” she thought. “She is bound to be very hungry when she wakes up.” With one last look at the sleeping fairy, she headed for the kitchen.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Tricia thought chocolate chip cookies and milk ought to do just fine for this time of day. “ “I really don’t know what fairies like to eat, “ she reflected. “But how could anyone turn down such yummy food.” She placed the goodies on her special serving tray, the one that she and her dolls used for their afternoon tea parties.
“Oh, I can’t wait to introduce her to all the dolls in the house,” she anticipated, as she headed back to the bedroom. “I’m sure they will love each other. I just hope that Carmella won’t get jealous if I let our guest sit at the head of the table.”
Tricia entered the room and her heart leaped into her mouth. The fairy still slept peacefully, completely unaware of the danger that lurked only five feet from her. For there on the edge of the bed, with tail twitching back and forth menacingly, sat rebel the cat. He was poised to pounce on the sleeping fairy.
“Rebel, don’t!” Tricia screamed and hurled the tray, cookies, milk and all, in the direction of the stalking cat. It banged against the bedpost sending cups, saucers, cookies and the cat in all different directions.
The little fairy sat bolt upright. Tricia hurried to sit down next to her and took the little fairy into her hands.
“Now, now, little fairy, don’t be afraid. That bad old cat is not going to hurt you. I’ll protect you. Then you’ll be able to stay with me forever and ever.”
The soothing voice and gentle rocking back and forth soon put the little fairy back to sleep.
Now Tricia had a more immediate problem. Where could she keep the little fairy so that it would be safe from Rebel? Tricia knew that her pet cat would not give up his prize so easily. She looked around the bedroom and spotted her large doll house. It would be perfect, if only it had a front wall and a strong door. Tricia smiled as an idea came to her. She took the dollhouse and turned it completely around so that the opened side now pressed against the wall. It was difficult, for the three story dollhouse was very heavy. But this was perfect, she thought as she struggled. Now Rebel won’t be able to tip it over. She inspected all the windows carefully. No, there was no way Rebel could get at the fairy once she was safely inside.
Tricia then placed the sleeping little fairy in the master bedroom of the doll house. It was just the right size. She sat for a long time watching the fairy sleep.
“Tricia, where are you?”
It was mommy, home from shopping.
Tricia ran from the bedroom and right into the arms of her mother and gave her a big kiss. “Oh, Mommy, Mommy, guess what? The most wonderful thing in the world happened! I found a little fairy in the yard. She is so sick. I put her in the doll house, in the master bedroom, and turned it toward the wall so that Rebel can’t get her, and now she’s safe, quick, come, take a look!” she gushed out all in one long sentence.
As she ran ahead, she yelled over her shoulder, “Hurry Mommy. Hurry! I want you to help me get her all better. Then I’ll be able to keep her forever.”
Tricia reached the doll house first and peeked inside. The little fairy was still sleeping.
“Here, Mommy, look. Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?”
Mommy bent down and looked into the window.
“Tricia, I don’t see anything,” she said, as she got up. “Dear, please don’t play these games with me. I’m tired.”
“But Mommy, she’s there.”
“Tricia!” Mommy’s voice rose.
“I’m sorry Mommy, but I can see her. Maybe it’s true that they can only be seen by little children.”
“Yes dear, maybe that’s the answer,” Mommy said wearily. “Now please, clean up this mess. Whatever have you done to your room?”
After supper, Tricia hurried back to her bedroom. She placed the folded napkin on the bed which had some leftovers from the meal.
She took the fairy out of the doll house and tried to feed her with no success.
“Oh little fairy. Please help me. What is it that you eat? How can I heal you?”

Tricia and Rose Fairy

The little fairies mouth moved and Tricia put her ear as close as she could. But the little fairy was to weak to be heard.
“Oh my poor little fairy. If you can’t eat, then all I can do is give you my love,” and she held the fairy lovingly in her hands.
“Tricia, come take your bath and get ready for bed,” her Mother called.
In the bed that evening, Tricia worried about her fairy. She seemed to be getting weaker and weaker and she didn’t know what to do.
The next morning, Tricia jumped out of bed and looked again at the resting fairy. No change. After breakfast her Mother reminded her that evening they were going to Grandma’s to visit.
Tricia started to panic. Tonight? She had completely forgotten. She would be gone the entire weekend. Who would take care of the sick fairy?
Tricia ran toward the bedroom. She resolved that today she must heal the fairy at all costs. But how? Tricia went back into the yard. She felt that maybe the answer was there. She searched the rose vine closely. She even got a ladder and climbed to the top to see if there was any secret openings. Nothing.
She sat down in her lounge chair dejected. Then she called out loud, “Oh, friends of the little fairy, can you here me? Please come out. I need your help.”
Just then a beautiful butterfly flew by. Tricia excitedly called after it, “Oh, little butterfly, if you see any little fairies, please ask them to come help me. I have a sick fairy in my doll house and I don’t know what to do.”
Sadly, she sat back in the chair and stared at the rose vine. The beauty and the smell of the roses, in the early morning light captured her attention. The dew sparkling on the petals gave Tricia an impulsive urge. She got up and cut three roses from the bush. She took them into her bedroom and placed them in a vase on her dresser.
“Here, little fairy, “ she called into the window of the doll house. “Since you can’t get home, I thought that I would bring a little bit of your home to you..” But the little fairy just lay there with her eyes closed.
Tricia ran to the phone and tried to call her Daddy. She knew that he was away on a business trip, but maybe the office contact him. Maybe he would know what to do. But he could not be reached.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Slowly, she walked back to the bedroom where she was surprised to see the little fairy clinging to the inside of the window of the doll house.
“Oh, little fairy, whatever are you doing? Please, don’t. You’re still too weak I’m afraid that you’ll hurt yourself.”
She took the fairy and placed her in one of the rooms that had no windows. “Now, you stay there, where you will be safe. I will figure out what to do.”
Tricia took all her picture books about fairies and elves down from the shelf.. There were many wonderful stories and pictures, but nothing on how to heal a sick fairy. Then she thought of all the books in the library.
“Wait here, little fairy,” she shouted over her shoulder as she hurried out of the room.
One hour later, a very sad and disappointed Tricia came home. The librarian had been very sympathetic they could not find the information she needed. The tears welled up in her eyes. “Oh, what am I going to do,” she thought.
She entered the bedroom and sobs got caught in her throat. The fairy had gotten out of the doll house. She was by the window and ready to make a leap, struggling desperately to balance herself with one good arm.

Tricia and Rose Fairy

Where was she trying to go, wondered Tricia. Why? Can she make it? All this flashed through her mind as she watched.
Just then, Tricia saw a faint movement out of the corner of her eye. She was not the only one who watched the little fairies struggles. There, in the corner, hidden by the rocking chair, lurked Rebel. He was all tensed ready to spring.
Tricia was horrified and for a moment unable to move. Then it happened. With a mighty leap the fairy let go of the window. At that same instant, the cat jumped. The howling cat was caught in mid-air by Tricia who came out of her stupor just in time. She wound up on the floor with the screeching, howling cat in her arms. She let him go and rushed out of the room with all the dignity that he could mustor.
Tricia turned toward the dresser where the little fairy sat on the rim of the vase drinking some of the dew off the rose petals. Then the fairy took off one of the petals and gently rubbed it on her injured arm and wing.

Trica and Rose Fairy

Tricia watched as the fairy went about the task of eating the petals and healing herself. Soon, there was a healthy and beautiful rose fairy smiling back at her. She was alive with color and had the full use of her arm and wing again.
They looked at each other for a long time. Not a word was spoken, but Tricia knew that her house was not the place for the fairy. She couldn’t keep her little friend after all. She went to the window and opened it. As she turned, there was a fluttering in the air. For the first time, Tricia saw the graceful flight of a beautiful rose fairy.
The little fairy landed on her shoulder. Then, in a bell-like tone, she said, “thank you my name is Rosetta and we shall meet again.” With that, the rose fairy planted a light kiss on Tricia’s cheek and flew out the open window.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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